A leadership development and consulting boutique focused solely on the retention and advancement of women leaders.


Customized in-house program

  • 6 to 12 high potential women
  • Curriculum tailored to specific business, strategic challenges and cultural norms 
  • Integrate senior leader wisdom into workshops 
  • Final project will generate creative and legitimate revenue ideas

Industry cohort

  • 2 to 3 high potential women from 3 different companies within the same industry
  • Content customized to deal with the business and leadership issues related to the sector


The Accelerate Program


The Accelerate Program is a customized training program developed and designed for women at the Managing Director, Director, VP and Associate levels to address the need to attract, develop and retain talented women.



Women want to more fully understand the promotional and performance criteria/benchmarks for each organizational level, build personal development plans around role- specific criteria and learn how to more effectively manage the transition from one level to another.


Knowing the need to prove themselves and quickly establish their competence in a male-dominated environment, the women seek learning opportunities in presentation skills and client relationship conversational skills to establish impact and credibility.


Time management, asserting your own preferences and career goals, and managing the demands of both work and life were identified as topics requiring discussion.


Building influential internal and external networks is seen as necessary for sustainable success, including gaining access to senior leaders and having dedicated sponsorship or mentorship opportunities. The women are keen to understand how best to influence their work opportunities, client assignments, and to seek/receive honest and valuable performance feedback.


To support their leadership profile, the women know they need to build competence in team leadership skills including delegation, giving feedback, leading with confidence, communicating expectations clearly, building trust with direct reports, peers and leaders in their leadership capabilities.


Effective senior leadership requires shifting beyond the role of ‘supporter’ to ‘relationship manager’, and includes seeking and advancing business development opportunities. The women know that the external landscape at senior leadership levels is more competitive and that performance is correlated with delivering new business. There is a desire to learn business development and other skills to function effectively as both client relationship manager and senior leader.

Frequently Asked Questions

HOW DO I APPLY TO the accelerator program?

You can apply by contacting us and inquiring about our program. We'll walk you through a quick demo of our offerings and the curriculum and provide a free session to see how we can cater to your specific needs.


What kind of candidates do you look for?

We look for C-level executive women that are looking to move into senior leadership and are looking to attain a specific skill set.


How much does it cost?

You can apply by contacting us and inquiring about our program. We'll walk you through a quick demo of our offerings and th


How long is the program?

You can apply by contacting us and inquiring about our program. We'll walk you through a quick demo of our offerings and th


what is the time commitment required by a participant?

The Institute requires a minimum of 20 hours of work per week, on average. Participating Founders are required to attend each three and a half hour weekly session. The sessions will have between five and ten hours of assignment work that needs to be completed before the following session. If a participating Founder is also working on a prototype or some other aspect of the business, then the time commitment can be much greater.


what is the range of mentor experience?

The pairing process is informal. Founders have the opportunity to ask questions of Mentors before, during, and after each session both online and in-person. While some Mentors are extremely busy, it is expected that the majority of Mentors will help Founders where they have common interests. The Mentors are compensated through a shared upside pool, and Mentor compensation increases with positive reviews from participating Founders. This gives Mentors the extra incentive to help the Founders, provide introductions, etc. In addition, a final review is done after the program is completed, creating an incentive for longer term Mentor involvement.


If I drop out of the program or get dropped after the refund deadline, can I return to the next semester for free? Can I join a different location?

If you cannot finish the program for a personal reason or get dropped by the Founder Institute, you can join the next semester in the same location for free. If you want to join a future semester, in either your location or a different location, you will need to pay a small re-enrollment fee ($50), plus any difference in course fee. We will not refund any fees if the course fee for a future semester is lower.


How many women will be participating in each cohort?

The Institute accepts between 25 and 50 Founders. A number of factors encourage limiting the group size, such as the capacity of reserved meeting facilities, the ability to deliver a meaningful mentorship experience, and the quality of the shared upside among participants.


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